Create Your Own Twitter Kiosk

I recently found myself in need of a way to view a Twitter timeline while having the following two requirements met:

  • New tweets must show up automatically
  • The font size must be able to be set high enough to see from across the room, preferably for only the first three tweets (as opposed to all of the tweets)

I scoured the Internet for a Twitter client that met these two requirements and was quite surprised to find that all of the major Twitter clients (TweetDeck, Seesmic, twhirl, etc.) lacked the ability to set the font size to a very high setting. I could just use the official Twitter website and use my browser’s zoom control to increase the font size, but the thing about the official Twitter website is that it doesn’t show new tweets automatically; it only notifies you of new tweets.

Seeing that I couldn’t find a Twitter client or webpage that met my requirements, I decided to create my own webpage. Since the time I made that decision, I’ve created a PHP/JavaScript version and a JavaScript only version. I call it “Read Only Twitter” because it’s meant strictly for viewing a Twitter timeline; not for tweeting.

I highly doubt I’m the only person in the world in need of a Twitter client or webpage that meets the two requirements listed above. That being the case, I decided to release my project to the world.

You can view a live demo (using the public Twitter timeline) and download the script here.

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